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A statement from Indie regarding “Enola” bonus track

Seigmen_Enola_FrontCoverThere has been a lot of confusion regarding the delayed versions of Enola, and especially the Digibook, which seemed to have “Mot i Brystet” as a bonus track – but didn’t.

Indie Recordings has sent us a long statement, posted below:
Short story: They’re sorry about this mess, and they have given us two secret links:

– Agnus Dei / Mot i Brystet 7″ at a discounted price:

– a FREE download for the two tracks:
(the download link will be valid for one week)

Full statement:
Dear Seigmen fan. We have received some feedback and questions in regards of Seigmen’s digibook, 7inch and picture disc version of Enola. We are very fond of the physical product and felt that the comeback album of Seigmen deserved a proper physical release. These three versions were meant for a release via a Pledge Music campaign. This campaign never happened due to delays and problems in relation to the production of the digibook. Especially the silver foil print caused some problems. The time passed and we decided to release some of these versions during the fall. The information that was sent out to stores was regarding the release of a digibook with an extended booklet, a 7inch with two not-yet-released tracks (Mot i Brystet and Agnus Dei) and a picture disc with the bonus track Mot i Brystet and ‘Dyret’ as picture on the disc.

After being brought to our attention that someone had bought the CD digibook believing that it contained the track Mot i Brystet, because this was after all the information written on some websites, we contacted all web shops we knew this was concerning and double checked the information sent from us. Everything shows to that Mot i Brystet was always listed as an LP only bonus track in all the information that was sent from us to all distributors and stores. Even if we can’t find the source to this misinformation, we do of course apologize for this happening since many of you bought the CD digibook much because of this bonus track which ended up not being on the actual CD after all.

Due to this and yet more delays with delivery of especially the 7inch we decided to take all the versions back from the market so that we could give them a proper release when everything was on stock and all the information about the bonus material was underlined and properly marked so that misinformation shouldn’t occur again. All our distribution partners and shops we work with received this information and we got confirmation that the message was received. So to avoid more frustration we waited till everything was on stock and the time was right to release these properly without having more mistakes occurring. Nevertheless, we were told that some of these versions were available at a time they weren’t supposed to be and even still with the same misinformation. We have triple-checked all info sent from us to stores and there has still not been any mention of a bonus track on the digibook or any new release date until now on Record Store Day. It all still happened, and we have taken new rounds to correct the information out there. It is extremely regrettable that this affects the fans and all of you who actually make all this possible, we hope we can somehow make this up for you.

April 15th we released the Picture Disc LP (with the bonus track Mot i Brystet and ‘the animal’ as picture) and a CD digibook (with extended booklet). This release was in conjunction with Record Store Day on April 16th.

Due to high demand of the bonus track and all the frustrating feedback we have had, we have decided to make the tracks Mot i Brystet and Agnus Dei available for you as a free digital download. We will also put the 7inch with these two tracks up on a secret link for purchase to the reduced price of 60 NOK. These two links will be made public for you all on Tuesday April 19th at 13.00.

The digital download will be available for one week before we take it down. When this takedown happens on April 26th, we will release these two tracks on all digital services.

We hope the links will find you all! And again, sorry for the trouble all this misinformation has caused you.

If you still have any questions or if something is unclear, please send us an e-mail:


news roundup – Seigmen, Zeromancer, Ljungblut, Noralf Ronthi, red7

After the 4 club gigs in August, Seigmen is taking another break. And with Kim going away for migraine treatment for a few months, nothing much will happen for the rest of 2015. But there are a LOT of things to look forward to:

Zeromancer will return to the stage next Summer. One gig has already been announced: NCN Festival in September. Expect more dates to follow.

Ljungblut has just released their first three albums on vinyl, for the first time. And a new album titled “Ikke alle netter er like sorte” will be released sometime next year. Hopefully, there will be concerts, as well.

Meanwile, drummer Noralf Ronthi is also a very productive and creative guy. He released a solo album called “2015” just a few months ago, and the jazzy Ralphie MacMoose Project album “Moosy Moods” is already out, as well. Check out his facebook pages Noralf Music and Ralphie MacMoose Project to order the CDs directly from him. (they’re also available digitally)

red7 has also reared it’s head lately, hinting about new music. Their fist gig in years and years will take place at Nærsynth 3 in January – and is already close to sold out. Expect an announcement about music soon.

Zeromancer/Ljungblut/red7 guitar player Dan Heide has another record coming out on Sep. 18th, with his new(ish) band Granlyulven. They’ve already released two digital singles, check ’em out.

regarding Seigmen, there is still something coming down the pipeline: a new 7″ single, containing “Mot i Brystet” and “Agnus Dei”. Nothing official yet, but it looks like it might hit the streets on October 16th. Hopefully available digitally, as well. And – another version of “Enola”? Wait and see. (and of course the Raga Rockers tribute box set, where they’ve covered the song “Komplex”)

And last but not least: Original Zeromancer member (and Seigmen live member 1995-1999) Erik Ljunggren is about to hit the road with A-HA again. Check them out if you can.

So, while things may seem very quiet, lots of things are happening 🙂


album review: Enola

Seigmen_Enola_FrontCoverWhen Seigmen disbanded in 1999, the mere thought of a new album seemed beyond impossible.
But when they suddenly debuted three new songs during their 2012 gigs, a seed of hope was planted in the fanbase – perhaps, maybe, sometime, a new record?

By pure coincidence, three of the band members discussed possible recording dates in my car, when I was driving them to their hotel in Bergen in september that year – so I knew something was up.
And when they started posting cryptic photos on Instagram last year, the rumours really started to circulate.

Cut to March 2nd, 2015. The day I finally got my first glasses, to end months of headaches caused by my 37 year old eyes being, well, 37 years old. And also, the day I received «Enola».
The first new Seigmen album in almost 18 years.

I had very mixed feelings: Intense anticipation mixed with a little doubt and anxiety – How many comeback albums have been any good? What if they had lost the magic touch? What if I didn’t like it at all? The first single, «Hva vi elsker» had just been released, and we’d already heard three of the other songs live. Four very different songs, that didn’t really give any hints to a cohesive record, no matter how good they were.

I braced myself, pressed play, and closed my eyes. The next 52 minutes were weird, to say the least.
New music from Seigmen. And not just that – this was amazing, new music from Seigmen.
The press release states that you cant really hear that 20 years has passed since «Metropolis», but I respectfully disagree: I definately hear a more mature band here. More confident. More experienced. More at peace with itself as a band, and eachother as band members.
And most importantly: A band that still has something to say.

The first track, «Hva vi elsker» is 41 seconds longer than the more straigh-forward single edit, and works really good as an album opener. Definately the «lightest» song on the album, which makes the transition to the more desperate and depressive «Trøst» really strong. Well played.

Without going into each and every song (that would take forever), I’ll have to say that my favourite tracks are «Deus», «I Mitt Hus» and the wonderful, wonderful «Hvit Stjerne, Hvit Støy».
If there’s one single song that clearly states that Seigmen is back, then this is it.
As classic «Seigmen» as it gets. Instant goosebumps, just by writing about it.

The album as a whole is a great achievement. The mix is fabulous; with Kim’s loud and clear bass taking just as much place as it should. The classic, dual Seigmen-guitars are ever-present. Noralf’s unique drums, as well. And Alex sounds clearer than ever.
I hear small nods to pretty much all of their previous records – but like said records, this one also has a distinct style and sound of its own. Looking back, while moving forward. The only way.
Unlike so many other «comeback» albums, this one is actually a new chapter in their story.
I really hope it isn’t the last one.

Otto EgilSeigmen press photo by Bjørn Opsahl(2)

An afterthought:
Shortly after getting «Enola», I was struck by a somewhat strange feeling.
A bit hard to put down in words, but I was puzzled with the fact that just a few days ago, I was living in an existance where these songs didn’t exist. They already resonated so strongly within my mind, that the concept of a past without them seemed almost unreal.

I sincerely hope that some of you will get that same feeling in a few days, when the album is released.

Seigmen press photo by Bjørn Opsahl(5)


Seigmen / Bjørn Opsahl exhibition & book launch event

Popsenteret_logoThe long awaited Seigmen book by Bjørn Opsahl, Arvid Skancke-Knutsen and Harald Rosenløw Eeg will be released on Cappelen on March 26th.

That evening. the release will be celebrated at Popsenteret in Oslo – with a book launch event, an exhibition called “Monument”, and more. An entire floor will be dedicated to Seigmen.

The event starts at 1900 on March 26th, and the exhibition will be open until the Summer.

There’s not too much information on their website soon, but stay tuned 🙂

(They seem to have scheduled an event for the album release on April 13th, as well. More info as we get it.)Popsenterets vårprogram 2015_utsnittSeigmen-bok


New single, album info & preorders

seigmen_hvavielskerThe new Seigmen single “Hva vi elsker” was released today!

Available from SpotifyWimpiTunes – and most other digital platforms.

Also, Indie Recordings have released detailed info & preorders for the forthcoming album, called “Enola”.


01 – Hva vi Elsker
02 – Trøst
03 – Forevig og Alltid
04 – Utopia i Mine Armer
05 – Til Verdens Ende
06 – Tenn Alle Lys
07 – Deus
08 – Monokrom
09 – I Mitt Hus
10 – Hvit Stjerne Hvit Støy

The vinyl versions will also contain a bonus track, the Seigmen version of the song Kim & Alex recorded for a milk commercioal; “Mot i Brystet”. It will be placed between “I Mitt Hus” and “Hvit Stjerne Hvit Støy”.

The album will be released in (at least) five different versions:
– Regular CD
– Digipak CD w/patch
– 2LP on black vinyl
– 2LP on red vinyl (limited)
– 2LP picture disc (limited to 330 x, exclusive to

The garden offers a specially priced bundle, with all three vinyl versions here! (Only the exclusive picdisc here)

Preorders are also up at Platekompaniet, CDON (Norway), CDON (Europe).

Also, Alex was interviewed at Radio Rox this morning, when they had the world premier of the new single, Listen to the interview here (music has been removed)″



seigmen teaser

check out this teaser video on Seigmens facebook page…


Seigmen at Støperiet

seigmen-støpAs reported by Tønsbergs Blad and our facebook group yesterday, Seigmen will play the newly refurbished venue Støperiet in Tønsberg in November, Arranged by Nøtterøy Kulturhus, these gigs will celebrate the 20th anniversary of both the arranger and the “Total” album.

Originally just one concert (Nov. 8th), but that one sold out in a few hours – so they’ve added extra gigs on the 6th and 7th, as well.

This will be a fantastic string of concerts, so if you can: Get your tickets HERE! 🙂

official Zeromancer fanclub

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