A statement from Indie regarding “Enola” bonus track

Seigmen_Enola_FrontCoverThere has been a lot of confusion regarding the delayed versions of Enola, and especially the Digibook, which seemed to have “Mot i Brystet” as a bonus track – but didn’t.

Indie Recordings has sent us a long statement, posted below:
Short story: They’re sorry about this mess, and they have given us two secret links:

– Agnus Dei / Mot i Brystet 7″ at a discounted price: http://goo.gl/9M2tfj

– a FREE download for the two tracks: https://goo.gl/LXuQ6b
(the download link will be valid for one week)

Full statement:
Dear Seigmen fan. We have received some feedback and questions in regards of Seigmen’s digibook, 7inch and picture disc version of Enola. We are very fond of the physical product and felt that the comeback album of Seigmen deserved a proper physical release. These three versions were meant for a release via a Pledge Music campaign. This campaign never happened due to delays and problems in relation to the production of the digibook. Especially the silver foil print caused some problems. The time passed and we decided to release some of these versions during the fall. The information that was sent out to stores was regarding the release of a digibook with an extended booklet, a 7inch with two not-yet-released tracks (Mot i Brystet and Agnus Dei) and a picture disc with the bonus track Mot i Brystet and ‘Dyret’ as picture on the disc.

After being brought to our attention that someone had bought the CD digibook believing that it contained the track Mot i Brystet, because this was after all the information written on some websites, we contacted all web shops we knew this was concerning and double checked the information sent from us. Everything shows to that Mot i Brystet was always listed as an LP only bonus track in all the information that was sent from us to all distributors and stores. Even if we can’t find the source to this misinformation, we do of course apologize for this happening since many of you bought the CD digibook much because of this bonus track which ended up not being on the actual CD after all.

Due to this and yet more delays with delivery of especially the 7inch we decided to take all the versions back from the market so that we could give them a proper release when everything was on stock and all the information about the bonus material was underlined and properly marked so that misinformation shouldn’t occur again. All our distribution partners and shops we work with received this information and we got confirmation that the message was received. So to avoid more frustration we waited till everything was on stock and the time was right to release these properly without having more mistakes occurring. Nevertheless, we were told that some of these versions were available at a time they weren’t supposed to be and even still with the same misinformation. We have triple-checked all info sent from us to stores and there has still not been any mention of a bonus track on the digibook or any new release date until now on Record Store Day. It all still happened, and we have taken new rounds to correct the information out there. It is extremely regrettable that this affects the fans and all of you who actually make all this possible, we hope we can somehow make this up for you.

April 15th we released the Picture Disc LP (with the bonus track Mot i Brystet and ‘the animal’ as picture) and a CD digibook (with extended booklet). This release was in conjunction with Record Store Day on April 16th.

Due to high demand of the bonus track and all the frustrating feedback we have had, we have decided to make the tracks Mot i Brystet and Agnus Dei available for you as a free digital download. We will also put the 7inch with these two tracks up on a secret link for purchase to the reduced price of 60 NOK. These two links will be made public for you all on Tuesday April 19th at 13.00.

The digital download will be available for one week before we take it down. When this takedown happens on April 26th, we will release these two tracks on all digital services.

We hope the links will find you all! And again, sorry for the trouble all this misinformation has caused you.

If you still have any questions or if something is unclear, please send us an e-mail: kjersti@indierecordings.no


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