news roundup – Seigmen, Zeromancer, Ljungblut, Noralf Ronthi, red7

After the 4 club gigs in August, Seigmen is taking another break. And with Kim going away for migraine treatment for a few months, nothing much will happen for the rest of 2015. But there are a LOT of things to look forward to:

Zeromancer will return to the stage next Summer. One gig has already been announced: NCN Festival in September. Expect more dates to follow.

Ljungblut has just released their first three albums on vinyl, for the first time. And a new album titled “Ikke alle netter er like sorte” will be released sometime next year. Hopefully, there will be concerts, as well.

Meanwile, drummer Noralf Ronthi is also a very productive and creative guy. He released a solo album called “2015” just a few months ago, and the jazzy Ralphie MacMoose Project album “Moosy Moods” is already out, as well. Check out his facebook pages Noralf Music and Ralphie MacMoose Project to order the CDs directly from him. (they’re also available digitally)

red7 has also reared it’s head lately, hinting about new music. Their fist gig in years and years will take place at Nærsynth 3 in January – and is already close to sold out. Expect an announcement about music soon.

Zeromancer/Ljungblut/red7 guitar player Dan Heide has another record coming out on Sep. 18th, with his new(ish) band Granlyulven. They’ve already released two digital singles, check ’em out.

regarding Seigmen, there is still something coming down the pipeline: a new 7″ single, containing “Mot i Brystet” and “Agnus Dei”. Nothing official yet, but it looks like it might hit the streets on October 16th. Hopefully available digitally, as well. And – another version of “Enola”? Wait and see. (and of course the Raga Rockers tribute box set, where they’ve covered the song “Komplex”)

And last but not least: Original Zeromancer member (and Seigmen live member 1995-1999) Erik Ljunggren is about to hit the road with A-HA again. Check them out if you can.

So, while things may seem very quiet, lots of things are happening 🙂


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